Wave, 2016

Industrial Design

Exhibited at Sound and Matter in Design, Design Museum Holon, Israel, June—October 2017, and during Tianjin Design Week, China, May 2018. Also featured on Core77 Magazine Online, June 2016.

The interactions that are designed into our objects are bound by common understanding within the social consciousness—and in a design space rapidly shifting from the analogue to the digital, the physical to the metaphysical—designers face a challenge in translating old product vernacular from the traditional to the contemporary.


Wave forms a more perfect union between our understanding of mechanical functionality, and the realities of the digital age in which we are inculcated. Instead of pressing inward on flat displays, it encourages more dynamic interaction in vacant space—twist to adjust volume, swipe to select songs, and pause.


All of these advancements in Wave enable interactions not possible before—and hopes to continue to transform the way we experience music within the home. Intelligent motion control is dynamic and expressive, and brings us closer to technology—it is the shape of things to come.


Wave was exhibited at the Design Museum Holon, Tel Aviv, Israel, at Sound and Matter in Design between June—October 2017, and during Tianjin Design Week, China, May 2018. It was also featured on Core77 Magazine Online in June 2016.

Final Wave Prototypes

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