Cultural Evening, 2013

Graphic Design

As well as producing consistent graphic styling for the event's pamphlets, posters, and leaflets, I was tasked to photograph the event for both the school's archives and for keepsakes handed to guests and performers.

The Saint Olave's Grammar School's Cultural Evening is an annual moment of reflection and celebration of cultural heritage that takes place within the school's central halls, showcasing and exhibiting cultural musical, theatrical and fashion talents from the school's wider community as well as authentic ethnic foods produced by local establishments.


Like the cultural dances that are to be exhibited during the event, Cultural Evening's image must be of excitement and freshness. Being flexible to suit the wide range of events to be showcased, from traditional musical performances, panegyric recitals of poetry and the food buffet, the event's design identity is clean and fluid.


All typography for the event was serviced with variations on Hoefler & Co.'s beautiful Archer Pro, a slab-serif font versatile as it is punchy. The main logo to be used for the event is sliced and reorganised, in a more lively manner, better representing the event.


Event Organisers:

Srishti Suresh, Grace Anteyi, Fintan Calpin, Louis Cokell

Final Event Design

Logo Deconstruction

Event Photography