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Each Monday, a group of five assemble to sit at the Cherry Road Resource Centre, in Bonnyrigg, to practise arts and crafts—Audrey explains, juggling cups of tea for her student attendees, how group crafts projects provide small but important freedoms to those often facing social stigma, or lacking in physical or mental capability. In providing space for each individual to continue learning and practising, they are allowed to develop at their own pace and often leave with a renewed sense of purpose. Cherry  Road is open five days a week, running classes and sessions from nine until six.


Carol sits upright in her wheel-chair with a pillow on one side, grasping a pair of scissors and wielding a great smile. After introducing herself and taking grasp of some craft paper, she demonstrates holding, bent at the elbow, her left locked fist. In Craft For Carol, we begin to empathise and create for Carol a tool of empowerment—an object with which she can independently participate and continue to enjoy the Crafts Class.


In Collaboration: Philip Lau, Rachel Lambert