Click, Play. Radio, 2014

Industrial Design

To reinterpret the consumer radio is a complex task—with a history of almost 150 years, the consumer radio has presented itself to consumers in almost every form imaginable. Playing on the simple actions ‘Click, Play.’, the proposal is ostensibly minimalist, having only two dials and no frequency readings, forcing the user to experiment with the product using only sound as guidance.


The lack of labelled dials are hoping for a sense of serendipity to be aroused in the user as they click on the dial and play music, possibly stumbling upon a particular radio station frequency by accident, not ever knowing it’s name or frequency value in almost romantic fashion. To manipulate the experience of using a radio from a casual media object to a fleeting, transient being, I hope to enlighten and provoke the user to click and play once again.

Click, Play. Radio Renders

Physical Form Model

Construction Process