Article Magazine, 2014

Graphic Design

In early 2014 I was tasked, along with a group of others, to create and write up an Art and Design based journal for St. Olaves Grammar School's growing Art and Design department; comprising of artist write-ups, exhibition reviews and student works. It is Article.

The first print run was crisp and saturated in colour, full-featured and pedagogic. In it's release to the masses, Article has cemented the educational value of art and design thinking within the wider school system—purchased and read by both tutors and students alike.


Setting a trend for the future publication of journals also, Article has encouraged the adoption and development of journalistic talent—with the 2nd Issue of Article, released in Spring 2015, winning Shine Media Awards' category for Best Original Artwork & Photography.



Louis Newby, Leon Brown, Luke Reveley, Luke Richards


Matilda Boyer, Jake Egelnick, Jordan Butt, Fintan Calpin, James Liang, Tom Willis, William French

Logo Deconstruction

Final Magazine Design

120gsm, Edition of 250.