ARTicle Magazine Publication Design 2014

In early 2014 I was tasked, along with a group of others, to create and write up an Art and Design based journal for St. Olaves Grammar School's growing Art and Design department; comprising of artist write-ups, exhibition reviews and student works.


It is ARTicle.

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The first print run are crisp and saturated in colour, full-featured and pedagogic. In it's release to the masses, ARTicle has cemented the educational value of art and design thinking within the wider school system - purchased and read by both tutors and students artistic and non-artistic alike.


Setting a trend for the future publication of journals also, ARTicle has encouraged the adoption and development of journalistic talent - with the 2nd Issue of ARTicle, released in Spring 2015, winning Shine Media Awards' category for Best Original Artwork & Photography.

Further Thanks

This publication would not have been made possible without the further help of;


Editor-In-Chief; Louis Newby

Senior Editor; Luke Reveley

Senior Editor; Luke Richards



Matilda Boyer

Jake Egelnick

Jordan Butt

Fintan Calpin

James Liang

Tom Willis

William French


Special Thanks;

Siobhan Heraghty

Christopher Davies

St. Olaves Grammar School

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